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A300 and VR ...


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At the outset - hello. I'm new to this forum 😉 
I know the product is being sold as a model without VR support.
However, due to the fact that the A300 looks brilliant and there was a brilliant promotion, I took the risk of buying it.

The plane is AWESOME.
Why is there an opinion that it consumes a lot of FPS ???
It's very smooth - FPS much better than with Q4XP and better than with ZIBO (at least with my computer configuration (i7 8700K; 1080Ti, 32RAM).
And the second point. 
I only fly in VR and here were my biggest fears before buying the A300.
The second time I ask why 😉
Why is the product not advertised as operating in VR ???
I checked (certainly not too thoroughly), but 98% is fully of functionality of using the VR controller in the cockpit (probably 100% with the mouse VR)
Of course, the turning knobs should be more precise ....
Nevertheless, almost everything was OK.
Except for iPad support, of course. But here the MoveVR plugin did a pretty good job of it.
To be completely happy, I am literally missing the fixing of a few minor bugs that I noticed when using the VR controller (with the mouse, as I wrote, it's OK):





I would be very grateful if these minor issues could be fixed in the next patch 😉 

I am delighted with the A300-600 😉 

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