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FlyJSim 737 EGKK to EBOS


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This is my own repaint which is based on a DHL 737-200 (9M-PML) operated by Transmile. This aircraft crashed at Honoloulu as flight 810 with Transair in July 2nd 2021. I hope you enjoy the screenshots and this repaint will available soon!


Taxing to Gatwick's 26L for departure. Note the 'OPERATED BY TRANSMILE' titles and the 'DO NOT TOW BEYOND THIS POINT' markings on the landing gear wheel well doors.


Waiting for a Norwegian 737 to land.


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Part 4


Wow! That was a quick flight! Already descending to FL100 towards EBOS.


On final. Chose a flap 30 landing.


Touchdown! As this vintage 1975 built machine doesn't have autothrottle, I got on the power early resulting me in overshooting the runway's touchdown point!


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