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A300 performance


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Hi , i have a mac m1 mini , surprisingly i can run stuff like Zibo mod with high settings , 4k and high textures and some visual effects and still get about 40-60 fps.

Toliss a319/321 hi def even better at about 50-65, not to mention lighter aircraft. 

All is good till I get to the a300.

I know , its a detailed aircraft and i am amazed by its quality both systems and texture. But i get a lousy 20-30 max fps.

I cant use it on vatsim because of this.. i paid 70 pounds and im dissapointed a little.

I tried to get a refund or voucher but inibuilds couldnt help with that , question is- *what can improve my performance?* i couldnt find 2k textures.


Like i said even detailed 4k aircraft like zibo, toliss , rotate md80 give me great performance and only the a300 is a pain

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Try deactivating the inidisplays and iniwxr plugins from the plugin menu in xp. Be warned you will lose terr radar and wx radar though. I also recently encountered a bugged nd that I think may have been caused by me turning off the displays plugin. However I have completed a good few flights with both off and have had no issues. I gain anywhere from 3-9 fps with them off. Turning off inidisplays may break your screens but like I said it only happened once out of a dozen flights so might be worth a shot if you are really struggling.

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