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ZYTL Dalian P3Dv5 Elevation Fix


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Firstly, big thanks to the team at iniBuilds, and all your contributions to the FlightSim community.

Hopefully this is a good place to share this. I'd like to share a few changes I made to add to the iniBuilds BF ZYTL P5D exclude fix...

- I've separated some scenery elements from the ADE/AFCAD

- Adjusted airport elevation to match BF's ground polys

- Changed SODE jetway elevation to MSL to align with ground poly

- Not included in ZIP.. locate fx_ZYTL_LIGHT_A and fx_ZYTL_LIGHT_B in P3D/Effects... change Falloff Exponent to 0.7 and under Outer Cone Angle add.. 

Intensity Day=450.00
Intensity Night=450.00


ZYTL Dalian P5D.zip

Edited by N800AN
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Kevin Boydston

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