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Hello anyone can explane how to use cpdlc correctly
Today im departed EIDW and going to LTFM but i have some issue for CPDLC after takeoff connect to london center and informatin the atc CPDLC is active i filled up Departure and arrival airport are in the ICU CPDLC page ofcurse filled EFB tablet to hoppie number SEND LOGON but always NOT ALLOWED

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How do I use CPDLC/the printer?
• For offline flight (only METAR and TAF available):
>> get a logon code from https://www.hoppie.nl/acars/ and enter into EFB
>> Enter flight number in MCDU INIT A
• For online (VATSIM/IVAO etc.) flight, additionally:
>> fill in departure and arrival in the ICU CPDLC Logon Page
>> select an ATC station to connect to (or enter it manually on the Logon Page and insert it with LSK1)
>> send a LOGON request
>> NOTE: ATIS and CPDLC functions depend on controller usage.

CPDLC: Walkthrough & Practical Demonstration. https://youtu.be/gqpETJw1QEI?t=2519

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