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Download stuck on 100%


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I have been trying to download the A300 for a while now and it keeps getting stuck at 100% and it will not do anything after that. I have tried restarting inimanager and even running it on administrator. Anything else I can do?

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'Found a fix to my earlier problem. Inimanager is installed by default on your C drive. If your C drive doesn't have enough space (like mine) it will freeze at 100%, however when I placed inimanager in a different drive with plenty of space the installing went just fine.' - What NeoLux mentioned in our discord!

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Thank you very much, but that doesn't seem to be the cause of my 99% problem.

- run inimanager as administrator

- X-plane path correct

- no additional antivirus software / firewall

- drive c (70 gb free)

- try drive e (300 gb free)

- reinstalled inimanager, rebooted the computer

- many tries, always the same result:

Download ad ends at 99% of 100%

Active Downloads reports: no active downloads

no further action by inimanager, no installation

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