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Cargolux A300-600F


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Hi there

took a little longer than expected, as I started over from scratch with my initial design.

I also decided to create different layouts - will upload three versions shortly on the org and post the link here.


Cargolux - Powered by Geodis (LX-ZCF)

Cargolux - Partner of DHL (LX-ZCD)

Cargolux - Italia (LX-ZCI)


All planes come with P&W + GE versions and different spiral, wing and fast blades:






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I am working on the complete Cargolux fleet. I have spend quite some time to find all real Cargolux layouts. The dimensions, city crests and city names match for the most liveries the real world thing. Further I am re-working some of the textures and will also create the new livery Cargolux is using. A lot of details still need to be put together, as each livery will have its own registry and other individual details. So far I have completed the fuselage fronts:



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