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More detailed information about state of downloads/installls


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As far as I can tell, the iniManager is doing its best to deal with the temporary server load after the release of A300 v2. The main issue seems to be that there is no way for users to know what is going on or why the installation process is stalling. Basically, all we're getting is "an install action is in progress", but no download indicator and no way to tell whether the program is actually doing anything behind the scenes. (Which I am sure it is!)

Some more detailed information about the current state (e.g., noting its various attempts to connect to the download server or whatever it really is doing 🙂 ) might lower the number of support requests, as it would give users a better picture of what is going on and whether or not the issue is on their end or with the load on the servers.

EDIT: Compare this, to, e.g., ORBX' product manager software, which will immediately show a pending download in the file transfer list and which also allows you to queue several installs, so that you can then walk away from the system and come back to a fully updated library.

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