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Dear iniBuilds,

I saw in your announcement that a custom path installation is coming to the manager. That is good, because the current path set seems to be affecting my installation of x-plane quite heavily. I currently see a total freeze of x-plane after loading, be it the A300 or A310, if installed via the manager.

Using the old zip files and placing everything directly in the aircraft directory causes no such freeze of x-plane. Doing so also cleared the issues with the lighting effects in the cockpit in the 310, with no cpt or fo instrument backlighting, as I mentioned in a previous thread.

Any introduction of centralised installing comes with teething troubles. Some people have exceptionally customised environments with separate drives for addons and main simulator directories. This creates havoc for development, trying to appease the userbase where possible...

Good luck with the troubleshooting and feature development!


Custom-built, i9-9900K@4.9GHz on Aorus Master Z390
Aorus Master RTX3090, 32Gb 3600 RAM
34" curved 2560x1080 monitor (LG)

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