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A3xx series volumetric issues Flickering sky and glitch *workaround*


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First of @iniBuildsthank you all for the 3XX series jets you've published so far, I love your products.

To Qualify I have an all AMD system. 5900x 6800xtx16vram  - 32gb ram 

My issue which was submitted as a ticket has to do specifically with Xenviro( Any Volumetric Also tried Enhanced Cloudscapes and same results) / Vulkan Renderings and A3XX series of jets. 

The video below is an example of my issue using Xenviro ( assuming any volumetric ) at this point

I did submit this as a support bug but was told small hand full of people experience this bug and it had not discovered a fix yet.

So I set out testing and figuring out volumetric were the issue with Vulcan Driver rendering enabled.

I enabled the Shadow Fix on the panel of the A300-600R and found success after reloading Aircraft and Art option in the x-plane menu. If that is done on load the the FPS and  Skies work just fine and look great.
Just thought I'd post encase anyone else in here had this issue.

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