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Development Update #15 - MRTT free expansion release & more!


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Hello everyone,

The team has been hard at work the past few weeks:


I am pleased to announce the free expansion to the iniSimulations A310-300 ON THE LINE is now available! A310 customers can download this from their store accounts. If you would like to know more about the iniSimulations A310-300 product you can find more info here.


The A310 Multi Role Tanker Transport is a great addition to the product providing customers with a truly versatile, unique experience in the simulator. To learn more about the operation of this aircraft and an in-depth look at the features you can check our walkthrough video here.

I attach some fantastic photos from this new variant of the product! ūüôā¬†

MRTT Preview1.png













MRTT Preview2.png

An update on the Medevac variant: at this moment in time this airframe is delayed until further notice. It is nearly ready to go, but some more work is needed and we hope to get this out by the end of the year. This is the least popular model of the family, and is purely a cosmetic model. We felt the priority was to ensure the interactive, unique MRTT model comes first and is ready for our customers to enjoy!

A300 V2 Update

As the work on the A310 has come to a close, the team have been working hard in completing the A300 V2 improvements based on feedback we have received over the past year. To know more about what we are improving & why you can check out this forum post here.

I hope to provide you with some progress on this in the next few weeks! 

BelugaST Update 

We have received a lot of questions from our Beluga customers what features will be added into this project, and we had not finalized what that had looked like. This has now been confirmed and I am pleased to report the following features will be coming to the BelugaST:

- New A400M fuse cargo piece, new A320 front fuse cargo pieces, chemical tank, a new helicopter, and the prop planes used in the Avalon Airshow. (All pieces that have been transported by the Beluga! 
- Autosave 
- Enhanced CPDLC operations as currently present on the A310. 

We hope to get this update out to you very soon after A300 V2. 



We have received a lot of feedback regarding downloading and installing our products! As a result we have spent the past few months innovating and investing in a brand-new all-in-one product management desktop app to complement our modern, unique store for ourselves and our developers that we publish for. The 'iniManager'. 


The iniManager offers an easy, one-click install and updating system. The app installs all owned products, and intelligently updates products when a new version is pushed. The entire product is updated without the need for action from the user. When an update is published, our backend system automatically scans the uploaded archive searching for added, deleted or modified files and then pushes these changes to the user's installation.
unknown (1).png

The application directly links in with our online store's API, allowing users to login using their store accounts and immediately have access to all of their products, along with discovering new products.

The application is currently in Alpha Testing and will be compatible with X-Plane & Microsoft Flight Simulator for all our products and those that retail with us. 

A truly exciting time! 

To wrap up this update, I would like to mention that due to our rapid growth we are always hiring! If you would like to join the team please email me at management@inibuilds.com! 

We are working very hard on a range of international airports under our iniScene brand for X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator along with our 'secret project airliner'. 

Kind Regards, and happy flying!
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Ubaid Mussa
CEO | iniBuilds

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YES! FINALLY. Have been looking forward to this since it was announced. Downloading update now and can't wait to get onto the flight deck. Damn you guys don't half deliver on your promises and then some. Thanks to the whole ini team, yet another stunning bird! 

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Guest Hans ze Pylot

IniBuilds has really outdone themselves again. $90, and you can get an incredibly detailed, varied plane, now with a variant I dont think any dev has ever made, or at least not to this level of functionality. I cannot wait to do some refuelling with this bird.

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