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PMDG 777-200ER AFR Fleet Pack - Airframe Config issue

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Hi there,

I was wondering if the ptp files for the AFR 772 Fleet pack contained airframe config data.
The value I got from the EFB seemed way off (it wouldn't take anymore than 152,000kg for take off on a sea level platform with NIL wind).
As well the FMS was in LB which isn't quite AirFrance-like.

I'm more used to FSLab and the airframe files so if it's not included in the ptp then my bad I'll try another way to fix it!



PS: Great job with the pack, the liveries are amazing!

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Thank you for the feedback and the compliments! A config file was made for the Air France 777s, namely with the cockpit layout in mind. I can edit the displays so that KGs are shown as well as some other minor details. Regarding weights, I will see what I can fix: I'm not sure those can be edited like on the FSLabs, but if they can I will be sure to fix them. I will let you know when an updated version is released. 

Thanks again!


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