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Uncommanded Spoiler Deployment?

Stephen Chidley

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Hello, new here, thank you for the knowledge I’ve already gleaned. After extensive Googling I’m unable to get a satisfactory answer to a question I have regarding the spoilers. 

I recently had them deploy on touchdown, without the lever set in the armed position, autobrakes were off and the throttles were at idle, not reverse. 

It was the 3rd successive ‘touch and go’, but the first that I hadn’t selected autobrakes or armed the spoilers. After touchdown on the previous two, I had simply set flaps back to 1, and then unarmed the spoilers which retracted them before adding power. 

I’m now aware they will retract after TOGA is selected but it confused me enough at the time I aborted the takeoff. 

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

All the best,




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