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Flight Plan Not showing on the ND

Timm Turner

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Hi Guys,

Can anyone help me here and explain why when doing a flight plan on the either the fs map or via Simbrief the Flight does not show up on the ND? Even if I use the zoom out selection I dont see any plan. I can set up a small route lets say EGCC (Manchester) to EGNM (Leeds Bradford) so not long flights so I should be able to see something, but nothing.

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Hi @Timm Turner

The flightplan you set/import in the World Map will not be loaded automatically into the plane. You need to either:

  • Enter it manually in the MCDU, OR
  • Import your Simbrief flightplan into the EFB (Dashboard Page > Simbrief Icon) and MCDU (INIT Page > select INIT Request)

To import from Simbrief, you need to set your Simbrief ID on the EFB & MCDU first as follows:

  • EFB - Go to Options page > enter Simbrief Pilot ID (Numbers Only). You can enable the ON SCREEN KEYBOARD option too from below to help you fill it in.
  • MCDU - Press the MCDU Menu button > select ATSU > Enter your Simbrief Pilot ID (Numbers Only)


Vrishabh Sehgal @Richboy2307 )
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Thanks for responce. Thats the problem. I have a simbrief account. along with a Simbrief ID. I can get the flight plan on the EFB and everything shows up. I then go into the MCDU and do what you mention go to the INIT section/ Page and select INIT Request - nothing. 

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