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A320 ND and NavAids

Andrei Abraham

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So far the aircraft performs well but there are some minor adjustments that could be done.

ND - Shows all the airports within the range selected. It shouldn’t show the airfields with short runways. It’s just a clutter of airports

VORs are displayed in blue but they should show up in magenta

NavAids - When intercepting a speed constraint the aircraft behaves well but soon as it decelerates to the speed restriction it accelerates back to the previous speed and after a few seconds goes back to the constraint speed

When selecting any STARs at EGPF there seems to be a problem with the final approach fixes. CF23 and SF23 as well for the opposite runway 05 seem to be like 3000NM away from the airfield. I’m not sure if this is an A320 related issue or airport issue but it doesn’t happen in the PMDG 737 nor the Fenix

The aircraft can’t perform VOR approaches. It will just fly past the intercept point even though the VOR approach is selected in the MCDU and the identifier is correctly set up in the RAD/NAV page

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There are indeed some things that could be better, for example the Flight Level that can be reached. In a random test i reached up to FL490, in this screenshot i indeed reached only FL480 but FL490 (max in the FCU) is also possible.image.png?ex=662a2265&is=6628d0e5&hm=662ec751719e83337e4519fd6da69993500215a7c8909de201fe1dcd11d1f8ae&=&format=webp&quality=lossless&width=1193&height=671

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