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A300-600R RWY Mode

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I never knew this, assumed it didn't exist because I was so used to calling "Thrust, SRS, Heading" as they appeared on the FMA, but it turns out the A300-600R has a RWY mode in the real world, like the A320, and ini have simulated this in the A300-600R for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

I wanna know how many people knew this? Is it common knowledge?

For those that didn't, you need to tune the ILS/LOC and CRS of the runway you're departing from, as well as having it set as your departure runway in the FMS, it will then show you a lateral flight director to keep you aligned with the runway centreline, I presume in the real world this is used for low-visibility conditions.

(Yes, I know I have a config warning, I saw the RWY mode in a YouTube video of an A300-600 takeoff from the cockpit, and jumped in to test it out myself)


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