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OMDB new update ?

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That will be very cool as this is a new thing and could maybe be a part of a bigger update for OMDB as the area in front of 12L and 12R has the wrong height of buildings and we need to use a 3rd party addon which is  "autogen correction" mod under "OMDB Dubai overhaul" to achieve the right heights and the airport concourse dimensions are wrong from a post I read earlier and the interior of the airport has alot of unreadable text in Arabic as shown below. image.png.ab4785acaea109fb66cd40c7232d12c5.pngimage.png.73198b74a82eb98cd934453ae9e7cb41.png

more resources the red circle is where the English writing has been placed and the purple is where the Arabic has been placed the material in use "we think" is colored rocks but I am not sure.   


I hope this post is taken seriously as this airport is my home airport and I live next to the airport and just hearing inibuilds where making this airport made my year for me and all the flight simmers in the country and hopefully, we can get the best version of this airport as its the busiest airport in the world and we will be seeing a lot of add-ons that this airport will serve like the pmdg 777 and the FBWA380 and the INI A350 and much more so we hope the ini devs look at this post and may consider a big update to OMDB like we saw for example EGLL.


Best regards- Khalifa Almarri  

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