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A300 CPDLC on Xbox

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Hi, just a quick question

I can see in this update that CPDLC is available for the Xbox version too.

Is it working?

I’ve created a hoppie account and put the logon code in the EFB but I can’t get it to work…

Many thanks,


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Nope, I can’t even input the flight ID into the CPDLC.

But I’m guessing it’s pointless to use it on the Xbox anyway as hoppie was made for VATSIM use. I’ve read on the hoppie website that you can still use the CPDLC offline to get ATIS info but since there’s no real ATC on the Xbox is kinda useless to have it on the A300.

Anyway, I am using PC as well and there it works perfectly. Just keeping my Xbox for when I’m going away as it prevents me from getting bored😂

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