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Dubai terminals twice - Asobos Dubai not visible in content manager (Premium Deluxe)


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I have the same problem as others in this forum: I see some terminals in Dubai twice. I have seen the advice to uninstall Asobos Dubai from my premium deluxe version to solve this issue but my content manager does not show this airport - it only show the premium deluxe package as one selection, not the airport OMDB / Dubai.

The screenshot shows this. (it displays a community and marketplace version because I had an order transfer to the Inibuilds store to better configure the scenery)


Does anybody has an advice how to uninstall the Asobo version without uninstalling the other premium deluxe content?




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Posted (edited)

Sorry - just found it myself:

when clicking "installed first" before filtering a menu icon appears next right to the premium upgrade package where it is possible to open it and to show all conained items...

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