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Using pause will break the aircraft


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Hello! I have recently encountered some really frustrating and game breaking bugs when trying to unpause the sim while in the A310, where at random some system in the aircraft simply stops working. Most recently the AP crapped itself in cruise after unpausing, as when I put it on pause it was going nice and smooth, perfectly holding altitude and following the flightplan, but as soon as I unpaused it would either be putting the plane in a spin or commanding full nose up and stalling the plane out. Tried every bit of AP troubleshooting I could think of but it just wouldn't work and I had to resort to handflying it. I've had other occurrences as well, like the flight controls locking up entirely and not allowing any AP or human input and the engines occasionally shutting off. This seems to mainly happen when going through the settings menu (via Esc) and exiting back into the flight, or when using the "Set Pause" feature. It seems to get worse/more likely the longer its on pause, but it has happened even after short 15 second settings changes. I will try and get some footage later and add it to this thread. Also, if anyone has encountered this problem before and knows a workaround to be able to reliably pause and unpause, please let me know! Thanks!

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Also after this happens, the A310 is generally unusable even on subsequent flights unless the sim is restarted, or it just CTDs on the next load

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