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Flightplan format for A300-600 v2?

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I have spent over 45 minutes Googling and testing this, with no luck. Please, could someone kindly tell me in what format I need to save flight plans for the XP11 A300-600 (just purchased).

I use Little Navmap to create them, which only has an 'inibuilds for MSFS' export option) so that when I import them into the FMC, they will load? None I have tried so far, by trial and error, (fms, fpl..) has even been recognised.

Maybe someone could kindly post a working flightplan that I can try out?

(It would have been helpful if the little txt file in the flightplans folder had said what the format should be 🙂 )

Thank you.

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Ok, by trawling through a number of videos (I will watch the inibuilds tutorials on YouTube before I  fly!), I see it's not the format that is the issue, but the fact that the plans need to be put into the general XP fms folder, not the flightplan folder in the aircraft. Who'd have guessed? (There is after all a text file in there saying this is where a plan goes?).

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