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MSFS Inibuilds A300 I Main cargo door

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The animations of the main cargo door in X-Plane looks way more realistic since the MSFS version goes straight away up and the Xplane version it goes really slow. Is this gonna be implemented as well in MSFS?

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10 minutes ago, IniSteve said:

Just to ensure I understand clearly, do you feel the MSFS animation is too fast? 

Yeah, it seems like compared with the X-Plane version that the main cargo door in MSFS going way faster open than the X-Plane one. I have no idea how fast the A300 main cargo opens but it looks like that in XP its nicely moddeld and in MSFS I miss this

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The real world mechanics and pilots we've consulted with say the speed is accurate but I imagine it will also vary on a number of things such as hydraulic pressure in the systema or age, etc. Perhaps the aircraft in XP is newer thus works faster 😉 

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