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Rudder nose wheel steering has a yaw effect


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Hi there

I’ve noticed this issue when using the rudder as a fine nose wheel steering control to keep the aircraft centred on the taxiway centreline. After moving the rudder pedals to full deflection then releasing the controls, the aircraft seems to have a reverse yaw moment as if it is orientating itself back towards the frontal airflow.

Given there is insufficient airflow across the vertical stabiliser (or the rudder) when taxying,  there should be no yaw effect induced by the rudder, nor should there be a ‘return to centre’ moment induced by the vertical stabiliser.

This seems to occur with the setting “Auto Tiller Disconnect” in both the YES or NO positions.

My Rudder controls tiller setting is set to no.

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I will pay attention as I have yet to see any taxi behavior that seems off.  However, the tail is HUGE and if there is a crosswind component of any type, I would not be surprised to see the tail pushed one way or another.  Of course, nose movement follows tail movement.  

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Hi There


This is still an issue following the latest 1.1 update.

To reproduce it, center the tiller along a straight section of taxiway. Move the rudder pedals to full deflection to utilize nose wheel fine steering.

Aircraft will respond but seems to be caught in airflow as the fine control seems to be behaving more like yaw rather than ground steering. IE The aircraft has flight like physics whilst on the ground. When releasing the rudder pedals, the aircraft will snap back to it's original direction as if there is airflow over the stabilizer.

Perhaps I have something set incorrectly, but either way, I'd love to see a resolution to this. No other add-on in FS behaves like this.l

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