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Throttle doesn't work for X-box


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I just bought the plane last week and I cannot fly it! The throttle doesn't work, the lever doesn't even move, I have zero control over it. It just sits there motionless,  I feel like I was duped, please fix it. I thought you would have an update by this week but there is none. Please fix your planes that are on xbox, the A310's throttle is also broken btw.

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I wish that there was video footage of people when they make these types of posts.  I always imagine some combination of the E-trade kids and Stewie from Family Guy throwing an I Forgot to Read the Manual tantrum.  

Mark "Crabby" Crabtree AAL311 | PHL
I7-9700KF | 2070 Super | Honeycomb Alpha/Bravo | MFG Crosswind


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