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FCU Digits


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To revisit the FCU brightness. Although what the brightness knob controls have been fixed, there is still a misunderstanding of what it actually dims. It dims the FCU Window "LIGHTS" not the FCU window LCD current. Think of the FCU digits as being the same as a classic digital watch. The digits themselves are energized liquid crystals. The A300 FCU is the same as that, but in reverse. The whole display is energized (black) and where a digit is needed, that area is de-energized so the digit forms white.

What I am getting at is that the FCU brightness knob does not control that operation, it only adjusts the brightness of the lightbulbs behind and around each of those windows. This means that even if the FCU brightness light is fully turned off, you can read the digits if there is sufficient light to see the window.


Look at these time stamps. It is daylight and the sunlight lets you clearly see the digits. It is exactly the same as if I have a simple Casio digital watch on my wrist. In the day, I can see it. If it is pitch black of course I can't see it. Press the light button casts light on the display and I can see it again. Without the FCU brightness, my ability to see the digits should be governed by light or shadow cast onto it. In daylight, turning the FCU brightness fully off, should only remove the yellowish glow of the light bulbs and leave the white over black effect of the LCD.

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