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Cannot enter airway as part of FP


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I just installed 1.0.3 by uninstalling the previous version 1.0.2 and installing 1.0.3 fresh via the IniManager.

I am using the FedEx freighter N962FE

Trying to enter the following FP:


No problem entering the departure runway, SID and HRRBR transition, and the first enroute waypoint CURIV. However when I try to do a lateral revision from CURIV, I enter J212/DECAS at the VIA/GOTO prompt, the FMS displays the message “PLEASE WAIT” on the scratchpad and the FMS CDU is completely unresponsive from then on. 

I completely exited MSFS, restarted, reloaded the aircraft and tried again with the same result.

I have entered airways using VIA/GOTO many times in V 1.0.2 many times with no problem.

The only potential issue I see is that J212 is just a short direct segment from CURIV to DECAS with no intermediate waypoints. I am going to try again by simply entering CURIV DECAS and see what happens.

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I had this exact same issue with the same routing between KPHX and KOAK. "PLEASE WAIT" displayed on the scratch pad and continued for 20 mins before I ended up closing the sim. The interesting thing is I was still able to enter information on the FMS and even though PLEASE WAIT was still on scratch pad. 

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I restarted and just entered CURIV direct DECAS with no problem. I think it may be caused by entering an airway segment with just one down route waypoint. I’ll run some tests on that theory tomorrow.

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It appears to be an issue specifically with J212. I tried to enter the same FP but going from the last SID waypoint HRRBR J212 DECAS and got the same permanent “PLEASE WAIT”

I tried a different airport pair, and entered an airway with only one waypoint and it worked. “PLEASE WAIT” did appear for just a second, but then the waypoints appeared on the FMS and the INSERT prompt was available.

The A300 uses MSFS’s default nav data ( unlike PMDG or Fenix which have a custom database). I’ve run out of time today, but I will try tomorrow entering the FP using the Asobo 787 (which also uses MSFS’s own nav data) to see if it shows the same problem. If so, it might be a problem with the nav data. If not, it’s probably a bug in the A300.

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