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TCA Throttle step by step process instructions/information


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Fellow Captains,

The TCA Throttle set up works but it is finicky and you have to play a little with it. I have the Captain set up and have no problems.  In the other notes I added a few links and described that you have to do several things first for it to work. If these are not followed there is a higher chance it will continue to be addressed on here. Please take the 10-15 minutes time to set it up. Nothing that is plug and play automatically will work right of the bat.  You have to do your part. 


Step one - ensure the calibration outside of the Sim has been completed.  There are 2 calibrations needed. One is the windows calibration itself and one from the TCA YouTube video.  

Step two- update all hardware components from the TCA page  using the software that can be downloaded.

Step three - delete any and all profiles in sim and create a new profile rename to A300 or what ever you choose. 

Step four- ensure your sensitivity is at default and there are no cross bindings set up.

Step five- once you load the plane in sim your TCA throttle must be at idle nothing else set to.

Step six- press F1 on keyboard to ensure the idle detent is present 

Step seven- go to EFB Select calibration start , set throttle max reverse first than hit the max reverse on your EFB .

For idle reverse slightly move the throttle a little forward but not to where is goes fully idle hit select idle reverse on EFB.

Now move to idle position select idle on EFB and finally move throttle to max hit on EFB and hit save. 

Now once completed  if you decide to and want you can go to the config file and adjust the numbers a little but not to much. 


Hope this helps. Again it's a little work but it will be fine. Coding isn't perfect and as mentioned before as expected little work must be done. Nothing is perfect. 



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ATI AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT 12GB Gigabyte)

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