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Up & Down Cruise Motion


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Hi All


I’m loving the MSFS A300 as well, except that I feel that it floats too much during cruise. I t’s never really smooth. Is there anyway you can reduce that? flightmodel cfg. ? It’s this slight up and down motion during cruise, mainly above FL300. It flies beautifully quiet under FL200, I’d like to have that behaviour at all altitudes.

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Thanks for your post. 

The A300 and A310 are using the CFD FM over both the wing and elevator it means that the aircraft will move around a fair bit more than a standard MSFS addon even when it seems like you have calm conditions as the overall FM is more reactive to the environment. You can normally see this at the higher levels more due to the fact MSFS is adding in higher levels on en-route turbulence than the lower FLs which can be quite reflective of real life. 


 Here you can see the VSI going up and down a fair bit showing this can be quite normal. 


Many thanks,


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