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Please consider Brazil


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We Brazilians have suffered for a long time with a huge community of simmers, but with a not so good (to avoid saying bad) quality of sceneries. We have Paulo Ricardo, who usually does SBRJ, SBSP, SBKP and a few others like SBFZ and SBSG/SBNT, but there are many airports left with incomplete and poorly designed scenarios. Do you have any plans to continue investing in Brazil? We have incredible and very busy airports such as SBGR, SBGL, SBVT, SBCF, SBPA, SBFL, SBBR, SBIL, SBPS, SBPK, SBCH, SBRF, etc. There are plenty flights per day taking off from these airports and a lot of people would be interested. We are very saturated of Brazil Land Games sceneries, which are incomplete, converted, badly done and so on... You could think about that and maybe you create another route for us to takeoff from an inibuilds scenery to an inibuilds scenery using an inibuids plane (maybe the A380, A350...).

It would be a smart strategy to explore an unexplored market while Europe and the United States are filling up with scenaries already.


Thanks so much and congratulations on your amazing work!

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