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Airbus A320 wrong fuel consumption

Mario Manole

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Hello fellow aviators,

I would like to address an issue to see if this problem occurred only to myself or its general issue of the new A320N.

I always plan my flights on simbrief and the aircraft is constantly using 50% less fuel than planned. This is confirmed by the cruise ECAM page, which shows the correct FF combined, but in reality the plane is using only half of that fuel.

I did a OMDB-LOWW flight and the Block was 16.7, trip was calculated to be 12.3 but I ended up using only 6.1 tons of fuel. FF on the ecam(1+2) was showing that I was using the correct amount of fuel, but in reality only 50% was used, like I was flying only with one engine. 
This said have an absolutely fantastic day and take care of yourself😄

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