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Problem with SLH Designs TUPJ (caused by airport services?)


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Hi all,

This is my first post (2nd actually) on these forums so I am saying Hi to you all👋

Unfortunately there is another reason why I came here:  I discovered a huge (yes, HUGE) issue with TUPJ airport. There isn't a separate partnerforum for them so hopefully this is a good subforum to post this.

The issue is that with this airport installed, I cannot get my gliders to take off. The guy who is holding the glider level and passes the signal to takeoff to the winch is missing.

By elimination I found this airport scenery to be the only culprit in my Community folder.
I have temporarily worked aroind the issue by removing the airportservices from the layout.json file and renaming the AirportServices folder.

This might also have solved another issue that I had: I noticed I had lost the pushback trucks on airport but had not investigated the course for this. After disabling the AirportServices for TUPJ airport they have reappeared, at least for now.

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