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Problem with A310 Freighter (XP11 SASL releated error, A310 ON THE LINE)


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Don't know where to ask and I don't see a support section, so I'm asking here. Just switched back to Windows after having a few month dabble with Linux. I activated and the plane did not work, and tossed this error: [string "b2c3ebe13254772/data/init/initProcessing"]:128: bad argument #1 to 'rawget' (table expected, got nil). This happens even after an X-Plane restart. Googling turned up nothing. Log files are attached for diagnostics. Can anyone help me? (I also checked to see if the iniManager software had some sort of verify option (to check the files without me having to reinstall and run down my reactivations)

Log.txt SASLLog.txt

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