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Partnership with iniBuilds & Kwikflight Spirit Release - The Ninja of the skies!

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We are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership between Kwikflight and iniBuilds. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for us.


As Kwikflight takes its first steps into the market, it does so with a team of industry veterans whose expertise is unparalleled. Our collective experience not only ensures the highest standards of product quality but also guarantees a fun, interactive and most importantly accessible experience within our products!

We will be responsible for all development & support of our products, whilst iniBuilds will take care of all store side activities. 


🚀 Introducing the Kwikflight Spirit: the Ninja of the Skies! 🛫

At Kwikflight, we are all about fun, interactive experiences, and we thought long and hard about what unique aircraft we could make as our first product that customers could enjoy on their own, but also with their friends; and the Kwikflight Spirit was born! 


Features list:

  • 🔥 Engine Secondary Intake Vents: Witness the intricate details as the engine secondary intake vents come to life through meticulous modeling and animation, enhancing the realism of your flight.
  • 🚪Strike Bay Doors: Engage in thrilling air-to-ground missions like never before as you deploy strikes and experience the rush of military aviation! Note: this feature is not available on the Microsoft Marketplace version of the aircraft. 


  • ⚔️ Air-to-Ground Strike Capability (iniBuilds Store Exclusive): Step into the role of a combat pilot with air-to-ground strike capabilities, available exclusively through the iniBuilds store.

  • 🕶️ Stealth Mode: Immerse yourself in covert operations as you activate stealth mode, retracting navigation and strobe lights while reducing rudder deflection for a truly tactical experience.

  • 🛰️ Functioning FMS: Take control of your flight with the fully functional Flight Management System (FMS), featuring COM, NAV, PRFM, and FPLN modes. Experience the ultimate in-flight customization with ease.

  • 📊 Multi-Function Display (MFD) and Engine Function Display (EFD): Stay informed and in control with six MFD screens and EFD, offering vital information from GPS navigation to engine systems. The MFD Head Up Display (HUD) repeater provides a functional flight path and energy bracket for precise flying.


  • 🗺️ VSD Top-Down Map View: Navigate like a pro with the VSD top-down map view, making flight planning and situational awareness a breeze.

  • 🎯 Working Air-to-Air Radar: Detect and track targets with an operational air-to-air radar, adding a new layer of strategy to your flight missions.

  • 🌄 Synthetic Terrain Vision Mode (TFR): Safely maneuver through challenging terrains with the Synthetic Terrain Vision mode, enhancing your piloting skills in demanding environments.


  • 🖌️ Seven high-quality liveries to enjoy!: Classic Grey (Spirit), Kwikflight House, Candy Cane Knight, Soaring Eagle, Bronze Tiger, Venom Viper & Orange Lion!  

You can view the trailer made by the iniBuilds team here:

This product is now available from the iniBuilds Store & SimMarket as part of the iniBuilds Summer Surprises event! It will be available on the Microsoft Marketplace in a few weeks (with some features redacted for compliance) in a few weeks. The price is £13.99 excl. VAT.


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