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A300-600 'Epic' modification question

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Hey there, 


I'm new to iniBuilds products as well as flying Airbus in general until fairly recently, so please forgive my ignorance on how your packages are usually done & what exactly this aircraft is, but I was wondering what exactly the "Epic" modification is? I tried googling before making an account but all I got out of google was the announcement video and news articles just restating your announcement post.

Is the Epic modification a more modern version of this aircraft, or an older configuration? I've been trying to force myself out of the Boeing Bubble but there's just so little to fly in MSFS outside of the PMDG 737's and then the handful of Airbus planes that are all more or less just using FlyByWire's systems. (I know you guys have a very well regarded a310, it's just a little older of an aircraft than I'm normally into, hence why I was curious about what the Epic Modification meant in your announcement). After first seeing the JustFlight a300 announcement and then seeing the a300 freighter announcement from you guys I was hoping one of the "variants" you were making was something I'd be more used, but either way more airliners in MSFS is welcome even if it ends up not being for me. 

Thanks and best of luck with the A300! 

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11 hours ago, FailureToReport said:

I was wondering what exactly the "Epic" modification is?


Honeywell Primus Epic avionics system.  It gave the A300-600 freighter an even more modern glass avionics and thanks to that we will keep seeing them in the sky for at least another decade.

Hopefully the Epic avionics add-on from inibuilds comes with P&W engines or else it would be half baked especially since all of UPS A300 planes use that engine. 😉

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