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iniBuilds A300-600 Hype!


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Thank you for that progress report.  Sadly won't be attended the FSExpo.This is the aircraft I wanted in FS2020 the most. Really excited to see the progress and also the feature list. Time to get those FDX and UPS hub airports purchased and ready. Great Job!😉


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9 hours ago, Acktu said:

Very good news, but why not add PW engines?  DHL and UPS uses PW not GE. 🤷‍♂️

I was thinking the same thing! I assume they know especially since the "One the Line" version featured both  the Pratt & Whitney & General Electric GE CF6 . Like you said UPS & DHL used  P&W variants exclusively with Fedex using both Pratt & Whitney PW 4000's & General Electric GE CF6's. Hopefully it's included just not shown yet.  Hopefully, they'll add more info about.

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Other operators besides the big three current cargo operators that I was able to confirm that had / have PW engines.  There might be more:

Afriqiyah Airways
China Airlines
EgyptAir Cargo
Korean Air Lines
Mahan Air
MNG Airlines
Meraj Airlines
Mahan Air
Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways Cargo
Qeshm Airlines
Saudi Arabian Airlines
San Marino Executive Aviation
State of Kuwait

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Real cool info! I'm really hyped for this release. The A300F is my favorite cargo aircraft next to the MD-11. I hope we get the PW engine variant on release.  Really would like to be able to do proper UPS flights from release.

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