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May Mayhem Day 6 - iniBuilds Airbus XP Updates - XP12

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Hello everyone!

We are super glad to be providing a fantastic offer on our X-Plane Airbus products as part of Day 6 of May Mayhem! Both the iniSimulations A300 and Beluga ST available for £9.99 GBP each for only 24 hrs for XP11.


 We also have the pleasure of announcing the iniSimulations A300-600R(F) & the iniSimulations Beluga ST are going to be provided with beta compatibility for X-Plane 12!

These planes now have updates available via the iniManager to allow customers to have these aircraft functional in X-Plane 12 for free!



A300 & Beluga ST XP12:

Flight model:
•    Adjusted aerofoils to better reflect supercritical aerofoils MCRIT.  Fuse body area rule adjusted on A300 F and PAX to reduce drag and better reflect performance.
•    Weight and balance system changed to new XP12 payload system. This allows for better CG in A300 PAX and F along with payloads that now dynamically adjust vertically for the Beluga ST
•    Adjust engine performance to better reflect thrust output during climb and CRZ phase in XP12
•    Adjust drag profile of A300 PAX and F to better reflect flag drag.
•    Adjusted Beluga ST fuel burn profile using XP12s more fine FF adjustments
•    Adjusted empty weight CG position for A300F PAX and Beluga

•    Change flap system to work in XP12 for A300 and Beluga 
•    Custom fuel flow adjusted to work in XP12 for the A300 and Beluga
•    Change EFB CG slider to work with XP 12 weight and balance.
•    Adjusted start times to work with XP12 engine model. 
•    Updated Airac reading to work with XP12. 

Art/ lights:
•    Updated A300 and Beluga to use XP12 lights in both the flight deck and exterior.
•    Adjusted elements of flight deck to work better in XP12s lighting environment.

We have also pushed small updates to the BelugaST adding back in some cargo options (for both X-Plane 11 & X-Plane 12).


Some known things to be aware about:
- Due to weather system changes in XP12, the METAR/ATIS request functions will no longer work. 
- Upon first load you may receive an error prompt regarding sounds. Dismiss this, and activate the aircraft and reload the sim. The error message will no longer appear. 
- Due to the significant changes in the lighting system, lights will look different to XP11. 
- Please note Mac&Linux testing has not been conducted on the XP12 updates. 
- More issues may be present, but this is an open beta, and there are no current timelines in place to resolve items (Please bear this in mind!). 

We hope you enjoy this sale, and the XP12 compatibility! Please do remember to fully re-load XP after activation. 

Please note the A310 is no longer on sale, and will not be receiving XP12 compatibility. 

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