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iBlueYonder Dallas Love Field (KDAL) Releasing Monday 3 April!


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Hello everyone,

We are pleased to announce our partner iBlueYonder will be releasing Dallas Love Field (KDAL) on Monday 3 April. 


Dallas Love Field (KDAL) is located 6 miles north of downtown Dallas and is the home airport and HQ of Southwest Airlines – perfect for your 737 operations within Microsoft Flight Simulator!



Features List:

  • Dallas cityscape, including many notable downtown landmarks and helipads
  • Accurate, current rendition of Dallas Love Field
  • Ground textures and airport layout that are much more up-to-date than default
  • Terminal interior modeling
  • Hand-crafted and placed airport signage
  • Custom night lighting
  • Custom runway approach lighting
  • Includes Southwest Airlines operations center, HQ, and maintenance facility
  • Many immersive details, such as sculptures, fountain, and JFK memorial plaque



We attach some pictures from the final product above, and leave you with the trailer here:


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