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Antonov V1.04 Changelog


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-    Fixed A/THR Guard and Switch tooltips.
-    Fixed various issues with the redundant altimeters.
-    Fixed in-sim checklist discrepancies.
-    Fixed APU logic when using Engine On/Off shortcuts.
-    Fixed mach window on ASI now correctly illuminated at night.
-    Fixed AoA barber pole.
-    Fixed erroneous entries in the aircraft.cfg file.
-    Fixed blue airspeed bug now correctly showing Vapp based on current weight.
-    Fixed volume of rad alt callouts too low.
-    Fixed throttles no longer locked when AT is pressed with AP off while on the ground.
-    Fixed discrepancies in the manual and readability of flap speeds improved.
-    Fixed position of external window panes.
-    Fixed looping bass note when engines are off.
-    Fixed the outside being visible through the co-pilot EFB.
-    Fixed two of the NLG bay doors not being visible when open.
-    Fixed see through window which should have been covered.
-    Added an option to disable the custom dirty smoke effect.
-    Added missing placard above “Warning Cancel” button.
-    Added on-screen keyboard to EFB Converters page.
-    Added clickspot to the AP panel to toggle between 1s and 100s on the Altitude selector.
-    Added tooltip/shortcut for 1/100's in screw to the top right of the Altitude dial.
-    Added additional English gauge translations where needed.

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