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Two problems with the plane


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Hello, I tried again after some time from the A310 release and I found two main problems:

1) The sound of the air conditioning is too loud compared to all others. The sound of the engines is heard too little, as well as those of all switches and buttons in the cockpit. I remember that in the first version there was a menu in the efb to manage the volumes of the various sounds of the plane. It would be great if it were possible to insert it again, so as to be able to autonomously manage the volume of the various "parts" of the aircraft.

2) The autopilot as regards the management of the LNAV has no problems during the procedures (SID, STAR, etc...), they are all super precise. At high altitude however I have noticed that if he has to make turns he almost always overshoots the turn. I attach a screenshot with an example.

The plane is otherwise perfect. Thank you so much for the work done!


screen 1.png

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