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SU12 Beta - A310 Changelog


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A310 v1.1.8 Patch Notes - List may change in ultimate SU12 release.
•    Significant sound improvements in all areas of the aircraft (numerous reports are covered in this)
•    External lights adjusted for a more realistic experience
•    Pressure system bug resolved
•    Improvements to T/D logic
•    Flight deck door resolution improved on Base version
•    FMS symbol tweaked to be more realistic
•    VOR* to VOR transition in capture bug resolved
•    Landing weight calculations on FMC for imperial fixed
•    Sliders added in EFB
•    VOR1 RMI disappears when overlapping VOR 2 needle bug fixed
•    SPD LIM mode premature bug fixed
•    Galley latches repositioned to closed position
•    Console unit flood light moveable
•    Trim wheel integral light now added
•    Glass added on outstanding cockpit gauges
•    Added magnetic variation to navaids
•    Autobrake commands added for hardware
•    INIT B & LW bugs fixed
•    RSK a waypoint to VERT REV bug fixed
•    Loading co-route character removal bug fixed
•    Custom PBD can now be added on new waypoint page and entering directly into F-PLN
•    When selecting INHG in options, perf calc bug fixed
•    Negative temperatures in EFB, now inserting correctly
•    vPilot COM 2 bug fixed
•    Sticker on door bug fixed
•    Cargo doors now use brake accumulator
•    Chrono bug fixed
•    SEC FPLN crashes fixed
•    CG prompt in FUEL PRED adjusted to ZFWCG
•    Some light leaking fixed
•    ATC/AI audio bug fixed
•    Triggering secondary approach more than once crash fixed
•    VHF2 and 3 now audible in cockpit
•    Volume knob pull to mute working in A310
•    Players voice now heard when talking to ATC
•    Fuel page line amber when it should be green
•    EFB checklist upon scrolling bug fixed
•    Brake accumulator logic improved
•    LBS when over 100,000 clipping fixed
•    Extra fuel/time now gets calculated when an ALTN is selected
•    EMER LTs state in Cold and Dark bug fixed
•    ATHR to GA keybind bug fixed
•    INIT B selecting values bug fixed
•    Fuel burn continuing during pause now fixed
•    Stab trim movement during different HYD pressure bug fixed
•    Overall hardware compatibility improved with HoneyComb Bravo, Saitek panels
•    APU fire test conditions logic improved
•    Ailerons position bug fixed in 15/0 state
•    VOR/Navaid Identifier Sound not working fixed
•    Unable to query sim waypoint database from REF page fixed
•    Fixed HSI changes on selector in flight deck
•    Wiper no longer moves with no power
•    Fixed loudspeaker not making sound
•    Fixed issue where aircraft systems freeze mid-flight
•    Entered temps not appearing on weather page of f-pln fixed
•    Expose current altimeter reference value fixed
•    Fire Loop lights on switched to AC ESS instead of AC EMER bus
•    ADF needles now point to true bearing not magnetic
•    Fixed abnormal behaviour when choosing NONE STAR approach and transition
•    WASM API nav data waypoint structure adjusted 

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