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Any plans for the B747-200 for MSFS2020?


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With  the arrival of the supurb A310-300 for MSFS2020, iniBuilds has shown to be world class in developping classic airliners. One of the classics still missing though in MSFS2020 is the iconic B747-200. As far as I know, there is no company planning to develop this aircraft at the moment. We have the default B747-8, PMDG is far from even indicating any release dates for their B747-400, but they did develop the DC-6 for MSFS2020 to gain experience with the latest version of MFS. Aerosoft seems to focus on their line of Airbus aircraft (the A330 in particular). So the question is: has iniBuilds plans for the B747-200 and if so, will it be an aircraft with the same standards as their A310? 

Happy flying (with the A310)!

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