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How to use the GSX profile with the Marketplace version of KSAT?


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I have downloaded the profile and installed per instructions in this thread 


GSX does not load the profile. When I delete the auto-gen one that it is using and reload MSFS, it just says there is no airport data found. Is the GSX profile that was attached in that thread not compatible with the Marketplace version?


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16 hours ago, JoshF said:

Hi, do you have the "Use SU10 Navdata" option set in your GSX settings? I believe it's in the FSDT Installer, under configuration options for GSX Pro

Thank you so much, that fixed my issue! 

If I could offer a suggestion, it seems like the gsx profile isn’t included with the marketplace or ini version. Perhaps you all could verify this in the next update so others don’t have to look for it. 

The scenery is wonderful! 

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