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A310 MSFS2020 Inflight engine restart Q


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Shutdown engines by accident.

Turned both backs off, maintained roughly 270 knots @15,000ft and began descent. Waited 30 seconds, kept masters off.

Turned ignition to CONT RELIGHT (after starting APU and switching APU Bleed+both APU gens on) waited a few seconds then hit ENGINE MASTER #2 on.

It seemed to sputter a bit-EGT went too high for a moment, then it caught and N2 speed came up to normal. Tried the EXACT same procedure for the number #1 engine but all that would happen is as soon as the #1 master on-EGT temp skyrockets with no rise in N1 speed. This continued for the remainder of the flight.

After landing, at a full stop, the engine started normally (this time using starter motor because turbine speed 0)

It looked like a hot start, but turbine speed was more than sufficient-so what did I do wrong?

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