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Origami Studios Gatwick (EGKK) v1.1 Released


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Origami Studios has released v1.1 of London Gatwick (EGKK) for X-Plane 11. A changelog is available below.

This update can be downloaded via your iniBuilds Store account: store.inibuilds.com/account


- Added optional non-PBR objects to installation
- Added exclusion zone in front of Boeing Hanger to try and eliminate trees
- Added holding point J4
- Adjusted UV mapping on Gatwick Shuttle tracks
- Fixed gaps in glass on Pier 2 Modules
- Added LODS to buildings
- Culled a significant amount of lights at the south terminal carpark
- Reduced param size on the car park lights
- Retract brickwork under Pier 2
- Added window frames to Pier 4 for a bit more depth
- Resolved draw order with the glass on the Airbridge
- Removed doubling up of cars near Maintenance Area 1
- Adjusted position of curved wall
- Added Jetway to Stand 25
- Made glass jetways blend transparent items slightly better
- Made jetways more reliant with Zibo
- Tweaked SAM parameters for 12
- Tweaked SAM parameters for 104
- Tweaked SAM parameters for 105
- Tweaked SAM parameters for 552
- Tweaked SAM parameters for 553
- Tweaked SAM parameters for 564
- Fixed holes in roofs on Pier 6
- Added LODs to some Jetway items

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