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  1. mine didnt work a few months ago when i purchased. Just use paypal if you have your card tied to an account paypal method works for sure
  2. Great streamer, i did watch most of it. Pretty much same procedure when starting the descent. Something different this time is i checked the descent arrival chart and i adjusted some of the waypoint altitudes which were highlighted and for the most part the plane did match them. Although one of them i came in under by like 600 or 700ft then what was assigned even that i manually told the computer to cross at i.e in this case 12000ft and the controller told me to climb back up. Maybe i set my altimeter adjustment too early?
  3. Yea i have all that in the legs page. And i guess i can adjust certain waypoints to cross at a certain altitude when the controller specifically says to
  4. Let me take a look at that next time i play. You chose 20 because its short for 2000 in this case?
  5. I must be doing something wrong but often when i am on profile and descending via a STAR many times the plane is not following the assigned altitudes per waypoint on the descent according to the flightplan in the computer When i start the descent at TOD i put the altitude i.e from 30,000ft to 2200 according to the chart and then flight level change for a few seconds then switch back to profile and let the autopilot continue.
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