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  1. Hello Kevin, thank you for the reply. It is my understanding that the issue with dynamic lights not appearing when arriving to an airport is typically caused by a missing effect control file.
  2. Hello, I've been noticing an issue with the dynamic lighting with certain airports: After landing, no dynamic lights will appear. The lights work fine when first loading at the affected airport but when arriving from another airport, they will not appear. I have multiple airports using iniBuilds dynamic lights however, not all of them are affected. The issue seems to occur at PacSim KSLC, LVFR KSNA, and LVFR KRDU. I also have Imgainesim KAUS, FSDT KLAX, ORBX KSAN, FT KTPA, and KONT using iniBuilds dynamic lights without any issue. I'm running P3Dv4.5 with the latest versions of all the lighting files as well as the proper settings. It appears that this is a known issue as some other airports have had the same issue with dynamic lights. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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