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  1. Nope not at all in fact Singapore Airlines is brining the majority of theirs back in to service and upgrading to new cabins on quite a few as well. https://samchui.com/2021/03/02/the-future-of-singapore-airlines-a380/#.YEE54YGnzmo
  2. Same for me Beluga is not my thing can't wait for an A380 but is there any possibility that we could see the A350 fleet at some point in the future?.
  3. A few pics from todays flight to Lagos
  4. Happy New Year everyone. On another note considering the A380 and A350 cockpit a quite similar in some respects. Once complete could we expect the A350 at some point in the future. XP11 is crying out for the A359 and A350K and it appears that FF & Toliss have lost interest in progressing the current version. Thanks Owen
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