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  1. Thanks for looking into the above issues and I have another one to highlight after flying into the airport yesterday. The docking guidance that guides you into the stand is place to far into the terminal building (stands 40 and 41). Also you may want to check the placement of the autogate as it is place right across the stand (actual picture of the airport shows it is next to stand 41L) - if this was a freeware, I would have closed an eye to this but this is a payware airport and I do expect it to at least follow the actual placement in real life. A certain freeware scenery could a good scenery of EGBB, I would expect a bit more from a payware scenery - sorry to draw this comparison but I feel this should be highlighted. I would recommend going through the scenery with a fine tooth comb.
  2. Hi guys, Purchased and installed this scenery, looks great but there are some minor issues I want to highlight. 1. Jetway bridge for stand 14 and 15 is not linked the section at the terminal building. 2. The Jeppesen chart shows that there are 2 hold points (C1 and C2) on taxiway C but the EGBB scenery only has 1 (C1). 3. The signage for hold point E6 is wrong, listed as E5. In the scenery there are 2 E5 hold points. The above doesn't affect the simulation but for a payware, I don't the think issues should be there. Please check and confirm. Thanks and kind regards, Sunil
  3. Would like to request a Malaysia Airlines livery to be made for the A310 if possible.
  4. Can't wait for the A310 release. Planning to purchase on the day it releases.
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