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  1. I think he has a beta version. Flightdeck2sim also has a stream reminder posted for the A310 3.5 hours before Q8
  2. One thing I would love to see (in stead of a cabin or nice liveries) in a plane is technical things like the electronics compartment, movable hatches, cabinets that you can open and things like a RAT. But I think I will be the only one who likes things like that. Could be great in combination with a random failures mode.
  3. There are ways around that. The IXEG 737 still has working rain/snow/ice on the windows
  4. +1, I so miss rainX since Vulcan, I do not care about smoke or other things only visible outside because I never look there (I do not even care about liveries) A big tumbs up to the devs of this amazing airplane.
  5. MS202 should be easy, you only need autostart and outside view
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