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  1. I manage to fixed. SAM3 is cause to problem.
  2. Hi all. From two days I have weird problem with xplane. Same thing on A310,A300, A321 from toliss. When I try to turn on GPU, GPU is automatically switching of. On any variant of a300/310. On toliss is turn on but sound of gpu is looping. I found one more person on FB with same problem. But still no solution. I done fresh installation of windows ( windows 10 ), and xplane. Without any plugins. I just added 1 plane. And make a test. Is same thing. I turned off all joy, throttle etc. I try on different mouse and keyboard. Yet still same issue. Any idea what may cause a issue ?
    Very nice livery. From now my Beluga tours are more happier. This little cheerful face made my day. Only problem which i find on this livery is that now I'm flying all the time with outside camera, facing towards plane, to look on this happy face. What making landing very hard.
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